A new book by Indianapolis author Bernie Gilmer – titled Dialing in on DI-AL-Y-SIS – will be available for public purchase nearly a month earlier than previously announced.

Look for this personal account of the author’s seven-month experience on dialysis as an end stage renal disease patient to arrive for distribution as early as the last week of October or the first week in November. Availability of the informative and revealing book originally was announced for a late November release.

The 16-chapter, 174-page documentation of the author’s more than a decade-long journey in reaching the final stage of kidney disease also addresses topical issues: such as pertaining to whether patients who quit dialysis or refuse treatment are committing suicide, or whether those who are entering dialysis consider the new lifestyle as an albatross or as a blessing.

One chapter contains the prospects for hope for those on dialysis and for those with kidney transplants. Another chapter chronicles athletes who have received kidney transplants, and who many are now advocates for bringing attention to kidney disease. And another chapter combines perhaps some humor with definite suffering during the author’s encounters with the side effect of one of his medications, an account that should not be told at the dinner table.

Initial book distribution will be handled by the DIO DI-AL-Y-SIS Company, owned and managed by the author, a Perry Township resident on the Indianapolis south  side. Promotion is being marketed online at