Dialysis book selected for 16th Annual Holiday Author Fair

I received word this week that my book Dialing in on DI-AL-Y-SIS has been selected to be displayed at the upcoming 16th Annual Holiday Author Fair. The Fair is set for Saturday, December 1, from noon to 4 p.m. at the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center in downtown Indianapolis on West Ohio Street.

Staged in the Historical Society Library & Archive (available by elevator), the much-anticipated event features dozens of bona fide authors sitting at tables offering their latest books for public consumption.

The Author Fair’s selection committee has an established history of ensuring a variety of genres and price points that attract the many hundreds of shoppers, some who line up with their empty shopping bags well before the high-noon opening hour. All book sales are facilitated in the Library & Archive area by Basile History Market personnel. The Basile History Market is located year-round on the main floor of the museum.

The names of authors and their books will be announced well in advance. Some of the prominent book writers have been displaying their books at this holiday extravaganza for more than a decade.

For those curious about Dialing in on DI-AL-Y-SIS, the 174-page paperback is an account of my first seven months on dialysis, along with a decade-plus of events leading up to my present fate — that being a kidney patient experiencing “end stage renal disease.” The 16 chapters provide valuable information, and are designed to be both entertaining and revealing.

I am honored to be a part of this large group of authors who will be representing the literary community in Indiana by participating in the Holiday Author Fair. I attended this gathering a year ago and discovered that what was promised as “a fun-filled day of mixing, mingling and book signing” was up to its hype.