Author’s Second Oldest Son Contributes to Book

When Indianapolis author Bernie Gilmer needed professional input on two specific topics in his new book titled Dialing in on DI-AL-Y-SIS, he had only to turn to his second-oldest son, Archie Gilmer.

The popular topics related to whether going on dialysis is an albatross or a blessing, and whether quitting or refusing dialysis treatments is suicide. Archie is the minister/evangelist of the Williamston Church of Christ in North Carolina, and is also the town’s chaplain for both the police and fire departments. In addition, he is a volunteer policeman and when time allows a part-time online blogger.

His varied background following his teen years has enabled him to develop multiple experiences with people in all aspects of life over the past quarter of a century. At his father’s request, he responded by crafting a dissertation titled Dialysis and Faith that offered perspectives on the dialysis questions, with excerpts from his writing appearing in two different chapters of the book.

To peruse Archie’s entire dissertation, you are invited to visit his blog posting at: Dialysis and Faith